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IIS E.Mattei Recanati

Our School

The institute of Higher Education "Enrico Mattei" in Recanati has been committed to the technical-vocational formation for over 50 years. 

The institute started working on October 1st 1959 as a separated branch of Fermo and gained the indipendence in the school-year 1965/1966, when the mechanics and chemistry courses were opened. 

Since then, the Institute has always pursued the aim to respond to the cultural and vocational needs of the area: training young people to be integrated in agribusiness and mechanical industries, which represent the foundamental sectors of the province of Macerata.

Our story

The headteacher

prof. Giovanni Giri

Our certifications

In our Institute you can achieve the following certifications:

Language certifications

I.T. certifications


This institute is a Test Center for New ECDL.
This certification requires a virtual skill card which is always valid and allows the registration to AICA's website ECDL Profile certification; this can be compared to a training booklet on which all the skills possessed by the holder of the New ECDL Skills Card will be inserted every time he decides to certify them.

The candidate has to contact the manager dell'I.I.S. E.Mattei (Test Center), accredited center that satisfies the CEPIS' internationally agreed quality standards. In Italy the responsible Authority for selecting the Test Center is AICA.
The Test Centers can be found in public or private training structures, large industrial organizations, chambers of commerce or national agencies for employment.


  • Price for a Skill Card: € 70,00 

  • Price for every exam: €20,00 


  • Price for a Skill Card:  € 80,00

  • Price for every exam: €25,00 


  • Price: € 50,00


  • Price for a Skill Card: € 80,00 

  • Price for every exam: € 48,00 (insiders), € 53,00 (outsiders)

More info at:


Our projects (extracurricular activities)

  • New ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence).

  • "Cambridge" Certified English: K.E.T., P.E.T., F.C.E. and C.A.E. (preparation courses and exams venues).

  • School-business conventions.

  • School-universities conventions.

  • Evening courses for Mechatronics Experts.

  • IFTS courses.

  • ITS “New technologies for the made-in-Italy” courses.

  • Brokerage agency for the employment.

  • Training agency for adults.

  • Vocational stages (classes 3^-4^ ITIS e 3^-4^-5^ IPSIA).

  • Corporate and universities internships (classes 5^ ITIS).

  • University: Ponte Project.

  • Orientation and continuity with secondary schools Project.

  • Library reading education Project.

  • Learning together.

  • Problem solving.

  • Italian for inclusion.

  • Improvement of mathematical and logical skills.

  • Welcome Project for the first classes students.

  • Tutor Project.

  • Project against school dispersion.

  • Improvement courses in different school subjects.

  • CLIL Teaching.

  • Erasmus Plus Project.

  • Olympics and student games (problem solving, I.T. Olympics, web trotter, chemistry games).

  • Road safety education Project.

  • MatteiDev: Computer labs are open in the afternoon to develop projects with triennium students.



Institution of higher education "Enrico Mattei" - Via Brodolini 14 - Recanati, MC, 62019 - Telephone: +39 0717570504 - - Fiscal Code: 82000990430

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